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What we will do for you

We will study your customers and find out how to attract them
We will analyze competitors and identify your unique advantages
Based on the data received, we will offer a solution to your problems
We will draw up recommendations for promotion on the Internet

Research can help you run your business smart

Marketing research is complex and the laborious process of studying the target audience of your business, as well as collecting and analyzing data about competitors, which we undertake completely.
Working with us you get a team of experienced marketers. We will find and explain to you where to start promoting and in what direction to develop.

You no longer have to make promotion decisions at random and risk large sums.

  • We will find out the goals and objectives of your business.
  • We will adapt the research process for them.
  • No templates or general solutions.
  • Only your business and your specific tasks.
  • Let's compare sites and pages of your competitors. You will receive an objective assessment of your proposal.
  • Based on the results of the research, we will develop a marketing strategy, both a long-term solution and steps that can be implemented right now.

What research will give you

  • Increase the likelihood of your project being successful.
  • You will learn about potential problems in online promotion and will be able to avoid strategic mistakes.
  • Save your marketing budget.
  • You can test changes on the site and in advertising campaigns by trial and error. Or you can rely on marketing research. This will reduce the number of attempts for testing, which means it will save your budget.
  • You will increase the conversion of your site.
  • You will find out what to focus on when promoting. In our experience, research-based websites have 1.5 to 2 times higher conversion rates.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • You will find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors from the point of view of the target audience.
  • Determine your competitive advantages.
  • Get to know your customers.
  • You get to know your customers and you can make them an offer they can't refuse.
  • As a result, you get the most out of your ads.
  • You will see your company from different angles.
  • You will find out how marketers, repeat customers, new customers and departures see your company.
We try to help, not just get money
Do not load in terms
We appreciate your time
Explaining our decisions

How Much Does Marketing Research Cost?

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The cost of each study is different and depends on the following parameters:

  • Having a customer base;
  • Site presence;
  • Task scale;
  • Objectives of the study;
  • Features of the product or service;
  • Urgency.
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