Internet promotion services from Alef-digital -

You don't need to look for several specialists and communicate with different people.

We undertake most of the tasks of online promotion.


Internet promotion services

We develop landing pages and websites
We set up advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms
We create and launch sales funnels
We set up analytics and make reports for making management decisions.

Where does the promotion begin in the first place?

We make up an understanding of the task

Understanding the problem ensures that we have understood correctly:

  • your goals and objectives;
  • "pitfalls" of your business;
  • your expectations and targets.

This allows you to select solutions that will help you achieve your goal, and to assess in advance whether you will be able to achieve the expected results. If the probability is low, we offer alternative solutions.

To draw up an understanding of the problem, we call the client or personally visit the client. The conversation takes approximately 1.5 hours and is conducted in an interview format. We will write down the results of the conversation as we understand it, and send it to you for approval.

Conducting customer research

You do not need to guess what to write about on the site and how to differentiate yourself from competitors. We will call your customers and learn from them what is important to them in your product or service. This is not a typical telephone survey of a robot. We conduct a live interview, show interest, ask clarifying questions. People like this and they do not give typical answers "yes / no / price / quality", but share problems and detailed opinions.

This research format allows you to see the situation not from the side of the seller, but from the side of the buyer. This will give you an understanding of what to tell customers to buy. Allows you to advertise with maximum impact. You will receive an objective assessment of your proposal, find out your strengths and weaknesses.

What does website promotion include:

1. Full technical audit of the site

  • for your site to load quickly: our sites load faster than 90-95% of sites on the Internet;
  • so that your site is displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets;
  • so that you receive applications from the site by mail, smartphone or CRM;
  • to keep your site from spam.

2. Setting up and running GA

  • Search and collection of keywords;
  • Choosing the right audience
  • Basic setting of contextual advertising so that your site quickly grabs attention on the Internet
  • Setting up targeted advertising so that your site is seen even when browsing competitors
  • Regulation and control of the budget
  • Daily support of an advertising company - analytics of requests and their adjustment, in the case of ad blocking

3. Detailed report

A detailed report with statistics on your advertising campaign, in a format convenient for you - our team includes specialists from all directions:

  • SEO Specialist
  • WEB developer
  • designer
  • copywriter
  • analyst
  • Contextual Advertising Specialist
  • targeting analyst

All you have to do is start working with Alef-Digital


What does the promotion of social networks Instagram and FaceBook include:

Account registration (if required)
Account registration
Creation and maintenance of a uniform style of posts, stories
Account maintenance
Setting up targeted advertising for your account
Complete report on the work done
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