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Situation number 1

You are the beneficial owner of a company that does not have its own website, there is only a desire to acquire one
Possible options
  • Shove through a bunch of unnecessary information on the creation and promotion of sites. To create a site on a free platform, with a wildly awful name, for the domain of which in the near future you may be asked to start paying, or simply it will have more advertising windows of unknown origin than information about you.
  • To take advantage of the simply “fabulous” offer of a friend of my mother’s friend, to create an interesting page for you on the website-constructor, which, by the way, also costs money, a subscription year-long service pops up, and with very limited functionality.

From +

  • Of course, your independence
  • Saving money up front

From -

  • Not sure that everyone will like it as much as you
  • Bad reputation of website builders, which is to blame for the ads of dubious content that will hang on your site and can ruin your business
  • Slow loading site - optimization is not possible, it all depends on the creators of the designer
  • Is free? in fact - no, restrictions on traffic to the site, site size
  • Limited SEO promotion opportunities
  • There will come a moment when you want to set up at least a chat - not the fact that it will work, not to mention more complex functionality

Situation number 2

You have a ready-made website and advertising
Possible options
  • A site that is serviced by one “universal employee”, who is in one person a programmer - copywriter - marketer - targetologist - a site administrator who is constantly busy with something, but does not succeed in anything.
  • We created a website, set up an advertisement, which was successfully launched, according to the creators' version - just have time to replenish the balance. Over time, only the budget increased, which cannot be said about the result.

From +

  • Working site
  • Who did - well done

From -

  • The site requires constant improvements
  • Ineffective spending on advertising
  • Advertising seems to exist, but it is not
  • Due to ineffectively tuned advertising, high user refusals when visiting the site (looking for one fall on the other), which in general negatively affects search results and user reviews

Situation number 3

You turned to a team of professionals, namely Alef-Digital
Possible options
  • Create a website on any professional website development platform
  • The ability to choose the option that suits you for the name of the site, with a memorable name at the best cost
  • Individual attractive design
  • Well-written text, with the catchy advantages of your business
  • Access and understanding of your personal account, where all statistics and analytics will be displayed
  • Setting up and promoting an existing site, if necessary, even with its completion, of course, after a thorough analysis

From +

  • You will definitely get even more than what you initially wanted from the site
  • You do not need to look for several specialists and communicate with different people
  • Kind, helpful guys will answer absolutely all your questions.

From -

  • Let me know if you find

How we work on the project

We make up an understanding of the task

Understanding the problem ensures that we have understood correctly:

  • your goals and objectives;
  • "Pitfalls" of your business;
  • your expectations and targets.

Это позволяет подобрать решения, котThis allows you to select solutions that will help you achieve your goal, and to assess in advance whether you will be able to achieve the expected results. If the probability is low, we offer alternative solutions.орые помогут достичь цели, и заранее оценить, удастся ли достичь ожидаемых результатов. Если вероятность низка — мы предлагаем альтернативные решения.

To draw up an understanding of the problem, we call the client or personally visit the client. The conversation takes approximately 1.5 hours and is conducted in an interview format. We will write down the results of the conversation as we understand it, and send it to you for approval.

Conducting customer research

You do not need to guess what to write about on the site and how to differentiate yourself from competitors. We will call your customers and learn from them what is important to them in your product or service. This is not a typical telephone survey of a robot. We conduct a live interview, show interest, ask clarifying questions. People like this and they do not give typical answers "yes / no / price / quality", but share problems and detailed opinions.

This research format allows you to see the situation not from the side of the seller, but from the side of the buyer. This will give you an understanding of what to tell customers to buy. Allows you to advertise with maximum impact. You will receive an objective assessment of your proposal, find out your strengths and weaknesses.


Before starting development, we work out the structure of the site. We concentrate on what to tell and in what sequence. This is how the scenario of the sale on the site is built, the proposal is being worked out.

A prototype is a diagram of your future site. A draft with texts and images, which can be easily corrected if necessary. We will definitely agree on the prototype with the client. Otherwise, all the pitfalls will emerge at the design or layout stage, and there it will be much more difficult, longer and more expensive to fix something.

The prototype makes the work on the site predictable. Often, the design is done first, and then the site is filled with content. But then it turns out that there is no necessary information and it is not clear how to fill the site. We work out the logic of the story in advance, select facts and evidence for everything written, select images. Thus, the prototype increases the conversion of the future site. Shows what information is available and what is missing. Helps to avoid further site redesigns.


Website design is not a creative inspiration, but strict adherence to the rules that we have taken out in a separate checklist. This is important, because at the design stage, you can “kill” everything that has been done before. The design should have a positive effect on the conversion of the site, and not just correspond to fashion trends and please the customer.

We do not follow the lead of the client and do not only do what he wants. We make every design decision consciously and can justify why this is the best option. The selling design focuses on important details, suits the company in terms of style, creates the necessary sensations for visitors, and adapts to the target audience.


Most likely, programming is something incomprehensible to you. But you don't need to figure it out. We undertake the technical work.

We control:

  • To make your site load quickly: our sites load faster than 90-95% of sites on the Internet;
  • So that your site is displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets;
  • So that you receive applications from the site by mail, smartphone or CRM;
  • So that your site is protected from spam.

When developing, we lay the potential for further development. When scaling, you do not have to redo the site from scratch. Often, developers make a website on their own platforms, which have limitations. For example, every new page has to be done from scratch. Swapping the blocks in places is a simple task, but it simply will not work, otherwise the entire content of the site will "go".

The cost of each project is different and depends on the following parameters

The scope of the task

Market situation

Plans for further development

Features of the product or service


Availability of a website and ready-made materials

let's talk

about your next project.